Welcome to
Hjernø Værktøjsfabrik A/S
(Hjerno Tool Factory)

Hjernø is highly specialized in producing technically demanding injection moulding tools. We have some of Denmark's best production equipment in a strong organization that ensures super high quality at very reasonable prices.

We specialize in finding innovative tooldesign solutions for tools even for very complicated parts, where we also use great precision in our super-modern production facility with tolerances down to 2-3 microns

Hjernø Værktøjsfabrik is one of Northern Europe's largest and oldest tool manufacturers. We were established in 1946, employ around 65 staff and produce an average of one new injection-moulding tool every day.

Innovative tools

On average, we produce one new tool every day. We are specialists in designing and manufacturing technically demanding and powerful injection moulding tools of high quality and at an affordable price. Ultraprecise tolerances and optimised cycle times ensure a great mould economy and high-class plastic parts.


Production and technology

We have one of the largest production sites for tool manufacturing in Scandinavia. A production site, which more or less is able to manufacture all tools in-house. Ongoing investments in new technology and new processes enable us to manufacture tools within limited tolerances and at an affordable price.

Innovative solutions at a good price

Innovative solutions at a good price

We are not afraid of complex parts at affordable prices, On the contrary, our work is founded on providing the European plastics industry with excellent, innovative tool solutions that ensure our mutual competitiveness.

Advanced technology

Advanced technology

We specialise in developing tool solutions, which can manufacture the perfect part with all tolerances and surfaces under control - and which will be economically feasible in your moulding department thanks to unmanned operations and short cycle times.

Northern Europe's best employees

Northern Europe's best employees

We have Northern Europe's best employees with more than 60 tool specialists. On top of that, we have at our disposal the latest high-precision hardware, which can manufacture tools with tolerances within 2-3 microns. We can thus reach the target without long and time-consuming adjustments and at the same time guarantee meeting the budget by designing and manufacturing a tool that is just right for the job!

A house of specialists

Our team consists of some of the most competent tool makers, tool constructors and project managers in Denmark. In addition, we have our own technical designers and plastics specialists. This enables us to participate in development projects and advise our customers about parts optimisation and optimal manufacturing of the finished part.