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Hjerno Tool Factory offers production-ready tools

It is well known that newly manufactured tools often have a certain initial period of phasing-in before they are approved for production by the client.

Quite often small adjustments of the tool must be made until all features and permissible limits are to a T. Adjustments, which can cause unnecessary delays and additional costs for both the toolmaker and customer.

Hjerno Tool Factory has managed to reduce these extra, costly processes to a minimum thanks to significant investments in our production set-up and our employees. This means that we can now make the necessary phasing-in and tests of new tools in-house if desired by the client.

"All tests and any adjustments are done here on our premises. Thus, each time we provide our customer with a tool, it is in most cases ready for production and can be integrated directly in the customer's production without unnecessary delay," says managing director Aage Agergaard.

Our own plastic process technicians ensure the necessary quality
Hjerno Tool Factory has a test centre at our disposal, which includes injection moulding machines and equipment for testing and approval of tool functions. The testing is carried out by two specialists, who are skilled plastic process technicians.

"To have plastic process technicians employed exclusively for tool testing is not standard operating procedure in our industry. But we see it as a necessity in order to deliver tools that function as intended from day one," says Agergaard.

He adds that Hjerno has a strict policy regarding the use of the company's injection moulding machines. They are used exclusively for testing and not for actual manufacturing.

"Naturally, we do not desire to compete on plastic production with our customers," says Agergaard.

The test process includes systematic phasing-in following part inspection and development of a QM report (Quality Management) with process parameters that are sent to the customer.

Lastly, a 4 to 8-hour FAT-test (Factory Acceptance Test) is carried out before the tool is delivered to the customer.

Read more about our sample moulding and testing department here: http://www.hjerno.com/en/production/moulding-sample