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MBA in management adds value to the bottom line

Currently, Hjerno Tool Factory's production manager Martin Riedel is rubbing shoulders with some of Denmark’s heavy-weight business leaders.

As of now, Martin is just about halfway through his 2.5 year-long international MBA in management at the renowned Henley Business School in England.

"It offers some great opportunities to network and engage with some very skilled people from shipping companies, pension funds and other industries," says Martin Riedel about the other participants in the programme.

Annual visits to England
The MBA is tailored to students with full-time jobs. This means the teaching is based on two-day workshops every other month combined with independent studies in between – approximately 10-12 hours a week. Furthermore, several one-week courses at Henley University of Reading, west of London, are added.

Hjerno Tool Factory pays for Martin Riedel’s MBA. And with good reason if you ask managing director, Aage Agergaard.

“Many of our customers are large international companies. It is important that we can meet them at eye level and that our employees can fully comprehend the challenges of our customers. At the same time, it is also only rewarding for the organization that our leaders are as skilled as possible - both practically and theoretically, "says Aage Agergaard.

From thought to action quickly
For Martin Riedel personally, engaging with the other participants has only confirmed the advantages of being part of a company with short distance between thought and action.

"Here at Hjerno we can decide and act upon a decision within a few minutes. I have no doubt that this is something the others are envious of surely.”

Martin Riedel’s many hours in the company of textbooks have already added value to Hjerno Tool Factory's bottom line. He has thus been instrumental in implementing a new structure in Hjernø’s production with so-called fluent teams, which has increased the security of delivery to close to 100 percent.

"It is a direct effect of what I have learned from the MBA," says Martin Riedel, who expects to complete his MBA in the summer of 2018.