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Large orders are booming at Hjerno Tool Factory

The trend is clear at Hjerno Tool Factory at the moment: Our customers are placing more and more orders with us on larger series of tools.

“We see a trend, where our customers buy whole series of tools. And not just single tools as previous, “says managing director Aage Agergaard, adding that it applies to not only plastic manufactures but also other customers.

With a staff of approximately 50 people, Hjerno Tool Factory has as Denmark’s largest tool factory a size, which allows the factory to handle larger orders of ten tools or more – without compromising security of supply. 

30-40 tools at a time
Targeted investments in new technology and production equipment mean that Hjerno has 30-40 tools running in daily production at the same time and without any problems.

According to Aage Agergaard, turnkey contracts on series of tools entail a more competitive price for the customer and, not least, a much more flexible process with faster ramp-up in production.

"If you are using multiple vendors, you have to as a customer ask the other tool manufacturers to adjust their tools if any changes are made to another tool. You can avoid this when using only one supplier."

Significant investments
In order to meet the increased responsibilites as a turnkey supplier, Hjerno has invested in not only machinery and new technology but also in knowledge and know-how.

For example, at Hjerno we have our own test center with skilled plast processing tehnicians who can test and validate the functionality of the individual tools. Similarly, in 2015 Hjernø hired our company's first technical subject designer to assist customers with item design and item optimization.

"This means we can already enter a project at the beginning of the project and offer customers free advice and knowhow on the construction. In the end, this benefits us as well as the customer," says Aage Agergaard.