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Why customers choose Hjerno Tool Factory

What exactly is it about Hjernø that makes our customers choose us when they need a tool?

Every now and then, we ask our customers that particular question. And the answer is actually a little surprising.

Although the technical quality must be in order and the tools need to be delivered on time, it is the whole service package around the tools that makes customers choose Hjerno, managing director Aage Agergaard notes.

"We are not the only tool factory in Denmark. And according to our customers, we are in the high-end quality-wise, but so are other tool manufacturers in Denmark. But when we ask the customers why they choose us, most of them respond that it is because of our complete and special setup. "

Offers solutions, not prices
According to Aage Agergaard, the soft values are often just as important, if not more, as the hard values.

Essentially, Hjerno does not strive to produce the cheapest tools but instead the best tools for the price at any given task.

"We don’t just give a price to the customer. We provide a solution that has taken the whole context into consideration - not just the raw tool, " explains Aage Agergaard.

The customers buy a complete package
For this reason, Hjerno has invested significantly in obtaining the widest range of skills in-house.

Besides skilled tool makers, Hjerno has brought on board skilled plastic workers to run Hjerno’s own test centre - and even a technical item designer who can assist customers with item design and additional technical sparring.

This setup had a major Danish customer outsource all technical item optimisation and item redesign to Hjerno recently. A great example of the kind of road Hjerno will take in future.

"In the ideal world, our customers don’t just buy tools from us. They buy a complete package where we contribute with technical knowledge, idea development and item design. Therefore we always encourage our customers to include us as early as possible in the process,“ Aage Agergaard concludes.