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Hjerno Tool Factory’s phase-in specialists travel all over the world

Phasing in new tools in a plastics production is not always a simple matter.

So if the need arises, Hjerno Tool Factory now offers to send one of our phase-in specialists out to the customer for on-site assistance when a new tool is being implemented in a production.

Hjerno is one of the very few tool factories that has its own phase-in specialists to help ensure that a new tool is phased into the customer’s production as quickly as possible. 

“So far, we have sent our specialists to Germany, Norway and Estonia - in addition to Denmark, of course. And we have recently agreed to send a man to Peru,” notes managing director Aage Agergaard.

The specialist is familiar with the tool
When the phase-in specialist travels to the customer site, his suitcase always contains the parameters from Herno’s own phase-in process.

Using these, he sets up a systematic phase-in, adjusting one parameter at a time to ensure an optimal and effective phase-in. The specialist also brings along Hjerno’s own testing equipment to test the injection moulding machine as well as the tool.

“Our specialist is already familiar with the tool. This is often important, because our special-purpose tools can contain many extra functions such as a hydraulic or pneumatic puller and servo-control that require expert knowledge,” says Aage Agergaard.

If necessary, Hjerno will also gladly send a toolmaker to the customer site.