Buy Chinese tools at no risk


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Buy Chinese tools at no risk

We are proud to develop and manufacture Danish customised tools of high quality.

But for some projects, it makes financial sense to supplement these customised tools with less expensive ones.

For this reason, Hjerno Tool Factory has for several years collaborated closely and successfully with a number of carefully-chosen Chinese partners who can deliver economical, low-cost tools.

”But the customer will only be dealing with us, and we always offer a full, two-year guarantee,” emphasizes managing director Aage Agergaard.

All tools are quality assured
He does not try to hide the fact that the Chinese tools do not have the same high quality as those manufactured by Hjerno.  But they can sometimes provide a good, cost-effective solution – for example in cases that involve a large series of tools, not all of which need to be customised tools manufactured in Denmark.

Hjerno designs the construction and machining process for all tool parts and controls the process from start to finish, including quality assurance of all parts delivered from China. When the tool arrives at Hjerno, a comprehensive quality control is conducted, including performance testing and a final moulding sample, to ensure that the tool is ready for release to the customer. Hjerno also takes responsibility for guarantees and service, once the tool has been integrated into the customer’s production.

”So there is absolutely no risk for the customer. We collaborate only with partners we know and trust, and as previously mentioned, we provide quality assurance for all tools and take care of all service and guarantees here in Denmark,” Aage Agergaard says.