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Let us help you design your plastic part

Thanks to our technical item designer Kenneth Nielsen, we can offer to help our customers with the technical design of the plastic items that our tools will manufacture. This is generally the best way to ensure optimal design of both the tool and the item.

This kind of technical item design can also take place on-site at the customer’s address, allowing the customer to look over Kenneth’s shoulder, so to speak.

”This has been a great success with a number of customers. It means that we can optimize both the part and its production from the very beginning of a project. It’s not just a question of popping a given plastic part out of a mould. It’s also a question of how we can manufacture the part in the most optimal way,” says managing director Aage Agergaard.

“In the end, you get much better parts and more beneficial tools if we are involved from the get-go. This has definitely been our experience.”