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Tools with integrated servomotors

Mechanics and electronics are merging to an increasing degree in Hjerno’s tools.

We are thus selling more and more tools with an integrated servomotor, which provides the opportunity for much more precise control than a pneumatic or hydraulic puller.

“The servomotor is integrated into the controls of the injection moulding machine, which gives a much more efficient operation, because you can control a great many tool functions directly on the user interface of the injection moulding machine,” explains managing director Aage Agergaard.

Much more precise controls
He adds that while a hydraulically-controlled thread, for example, can shift over time, the unscrewing tool can be controlled much more precisely with the help of a servomotor – without the risk of any change in the tolerances of the tool.

”All in all, the use of a servomotor is a forerunner for what might be called an intelligent tool into which an increasing amount of electronics has been integrated. This is the road on which we are travelling now,” says Aage Agergaard.