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New data engineer will add more intelligence to Hjerno’s tools

With the hiring of a data and mechanical engineer whose job it is to apply even more electronics into our tools, Hjerno takes another ambitious step in developing tomorrow’s intelligent tools.

Hjerno has already begun this technological development by, among other things, implementing servo drives and advanced sensors in more and more tools - a development now being accelerated further.

”We already manufacture tools mainly for technically demanding items, and our customers’ requirements for the functionality and integration of the tools are increasing. It is only fair that we are able to meet these requirements,” says managing director Aage Agergaard.

He elaborates further that the way to increase the functionality and use of the different tools, is to increase the use of electronics and better interaction with other technologies such as vision and robotics.

”Electronics in the tools will make them more advanced and able to handle tasks that in the past required peripheral equipment. This also means the tools will be increasingly able to monitor themselves thus reducing the need for operators.”

Well equipped for the future
The new staff member is a diploma engineer and will be joining the company in early fall.

He will complement the current five skilled constructors of Hjerno’s construction department.

”With five constructors and now also an engineer to focus on the electronics integration, we are well equipped for the future,” states Aage Agergaard.