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Behind the scenes: How we construct tools at Hjerno

It is important that we get as many eyes as possible on a new tool.

Therefore, we at Hjerno Tool Factory take advantage of the fact that we are Denmark’s largest tool manufacturer with an entire house full of tool specialists.

"We have discovered that we benefit from being a large tool factory with many employees, because our designers can discuss the individual constructions with each other," explains managing director Aage Agergaard.

"It is about getting as many eyes on the design as possible, before maybe painting oneself into a corner."

Many eyes on the tool
In simple words it means that when a designer starts constructing a new tool, he will discuss it with a colleague already when the first draft is ready.

Later in the process – typically when all the principles in the tool construction are finalised – the designer will team up with a number of colleagues and review the construction to obtain their blunt feedback.

Finally, when the tool is maybe 99 per cent finished, a tool meeting between the designer as well as the production staff is held in order to be sure that the tool is designed as optimally as possible in relation to both production and function - and, not least, to its service-friendliness at the customer site.

If needed, the designer makes the last adjustments. Then a full production schedule is prepared for the tool so that the production proceeds as efficiently as possible.

"In this way, we can also make sure that we exploit the machine capacity in an optimal manner and remain competitive," finishes Aage Agergaard.