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Preparing our big move

Hjerno Tool Factory will soon be moving to new and larger premises.

And although the new headquarters is only a few hundred metres away, it is no piece of cake to move Hjerno’s more than 50 production machines and equal number of employees. Especially when we have a declared goal that the move under no circumstances must affect our daily production.

"This is where our planning skills come into plays," says managing director Aage Agergaard adding:

"It will be the world's most boring move for our employees, as their only task is to produce at full pressure, while the move takes place. We are striving to have each machine up and running again no later than one hour after it has been moved."

In order to ensure an as smooth and flawless move as possible, all equipment will be moved in modules – rather like a plug-and-play solution - where the machine just needs to be moved and connected to various prepared plugs.

When a machine is moved, it has been assured that access to network, power, compressed air and servers is in place – along with anything else the machine might need to operate.

"Everything is drawn up and planned down to the last millimetre in the new building. This is the advantage of being in a house filled with designers – they know about these things," states Aage Agergaard.

Fibre cables have been laid down
He further explains that one of the main challenges has been to ensure permanent server access to each machine.

The issue is that several servers are servicing various sections, which means that they are not easily movable.

"That is why we simply had a fibre cable with gigabit connection laid from our current address to the new one. In that way, there is permanent access to the servers at both addresses,” says Aage Agergaard.