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Customers get their own office in new premises

Not only our employees will benefit from Hjerno’s upcoming move.

Our customers will also enjoy the advantage of the improved physical surroundings, which more than double the space compared to our previous headquarters.

In addition to a test centre of 350 m2, a special customer office will be established with desks, internet access and plenty of fresh coffee. Here our customers can sit and work while they are waiting, for example, for a tool testing to be completed.

Or they can carry out their own tests and analyses on digital microscopes and other test equipment.

"Our customers can study their new tools down to the smallest detail. But the idea is also that the room should be a cosy place to stay, where our customers can sit in peace and quiet and work on their own things, if there is a natural break in the test of their tools," explains managing director Aage Agergaard.

Five injection moulding machines for test mouldings
The 350 m2 large test centre will for now accommodate five injection moulding machines of between 40 and 200 tons.

Here, both FAT as well as FOT-tests of new tools can be carried. Experienced plastic processing technicians operate the machines and enforce the quality of the finished samples.

The picture shows a schematic drawing of the new premises. The customer office and test center is marked with green.