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Brand new factory layout

The significantly improved physical surroundings in our new headquarters have given us a unique opportunity to redesign and optimize our factory layout.

"We have now to a much greater degree than in the past the opportunity to design a production line with a natural and optimal flow all the way through the production," says managing director Aage Agergaard, who among other things, has taken a very close look at the optimal location and formation of machines.

For instance, in the new workshop high-speed machines and milling machines will be placed in groups so that the operators can operate as many machines as possible. Furthermore, the employees in the electrical discharge machining department are also given better possibilities to operate other machines, while electrical discharging takes place.

Most cables will be placed in lowered channels in the floor in order not to obstruct employees, trucks and jib cranes. Similarly and ultra-modern ventilation system will be installed to ensure an optimal indoor climate.

Inputs from all departments
All nine departments in Hjerno’s production have been asked to come up with inputs to the layout.

Among other things, this has led to moving the shelves in the assembly department slightly out from the wall so that it will be easier to access, for example, the rear boxes with bolts.

"It may sound like trifles, but for our service engineers it is an important small detail in a busy weekday," says Aage Agergaard.