Successful move


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Successful move

All machines have been moved, all employees are in place and our nameplate has been put up.

We are now officially settled in our new headquarters at Thulevej in Odense NV. And even faster than expected.

"My acknowledgements go out to all employees here, who have been flexible and really put an effort into making the move run smoothly," says managing director Aage Agergaard about the well-executed relocation.

Always tools on time
He is very pleased that - despite the move – Hjerno Tool Factory has managed to sustain the supplies to the customers and even make money during the weeks of relocating.

"There is always a risk that you as a company lose money during such a move. But we have managed to separate the move and the production so that not all the employees went into moving mode at the same time. The only thing they had to worry about, was to continue manufacturing tools as soon as their machines were plugged in," explains Aage Agergaard and adds:

"Our employees know very well that we live by our customers — and the customers still needed to get their tools on time in the right quality while the move took place."

Ready for 2018
With the last machines in place in the new factory Aage Agergaard looks back on a successful move – and looks forward to 2018.

"Now we've got more space and better working conditions. The logistics work, and we've become familiar with new routines. So we are so ready for 2018."