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New machine for 0,1 millimetre wire cutting

We have now welcomed yet another machine to our production.

An EDM wire cutting machine from Swiss manufacturer AGIE will make it possible for us to wire cut surfaces down to Ra 0.1 µm in 0.1 millimetre thread.

This gives a surface of a quality that can almost compete with a polished surface as well as securing super sharp edges due to the ultra-thin wire.

"It strengthens the possibilities of our wire cutting department to create fantastically nice surfaces on a very small radius. Sharp corners are always a challenge in our world. It is hard to wire cut or mill sharp edges but with a thread as thin as this it is becoming possible," explains managing director Aage Agergaard.

Investments must benefit the customer
He elaborates that the new machine reduces the need for finishing off tool surfaces, for example in the form of polishing, which helps to reduce the overall cost of the tool.

"When we invest in new machinery here at Hjerno, it is solely with the aim to produce better tools at a lower price for the customer. It is a cardinal point for us that investments in new technology must always lead to lower prices for the customer," concludes Aage Agergaard.