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Colour code red is out of bounds at Hjerno

Did you know that a production order marked in red is not an option at Hjerno Tool Factory?

As all other manufacturing companies we operate with planning boards, on which all orders in progress are plotted.

But you will find no orders marked in either yellow or red.

"I simply will not allow having orders marked in red or yellow - because then we have already accepted that an order is in the risk zone. So if an order is featured on the planning board, it is because it is in progress and will be finished on time," says managing director Aage Agergaard.

Important to address any problems
He adds that of course delays may occur along the way. But then it is the production planners' task to get production back on track.

And if all options have been exhausted, the customer should be involved immediately in order to coordinate the entire process together with the customer. Afterwards the order can be put back on the planning board for a safe production process.

"Of course we must acknowledge that, every once in a while, an order may be on route to becoming yellow or orange. Otherwise you will never address the problem. But we should never just accept it and let the order become red on the board — because then we will never finish on time," stresses Aage Agergaard.