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Towards our 30 per cent reduction in lead times

As mentioned last month, we have given ourselves an ambitious New Year’s resolution: To reduce lead times on tools by 30 per cent.

This is why we every morning at 8.30 a.m. carry out a whiteboard meeting for all employees. Here we go through all the points associated with the 30 per cent strategy.

For instance by including a team leader from each of Hjerno’s departments, so that they become the driving force behind converting the production from being order-based to being flow-based.

"This means that everybody are 100 per cent familiar with the task and know it inside out," says managing director Aage Agergaard and elaborates:

"It is important to emphasise that this is a strategy, not a fully detailed plan. Based on the strategy, the employees themselves must plan how we reach the 30 per cent reduction in lead times."

15 per cent more machine time
The strategy has only been under way since January. But already five weeks into the project the first concrete results have started to emerge.

Thus, Aage Agergaard has noted that up-times for Hjerno’s processing machines have increased by 15 per cent in just five weeks. Which, put simply, is equal to a 15 per cent faster lead-time on the processing machines.

"These are some very fast and great results, which we have already achieved on the machines. And of course it gives us appetite for more," he concludes.