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New customer office secured a swift phase-in of new tools

By moving to our new headquarters, we have created space for a special customer office, which has been established in connection with our new test centre.

Here our customers may stay in peace and quiet while they wait for their tools to be phased-in and tested.

The office has a conference table, microscopes, a big screen, internet access, fresh coffee, and peace to work. Moreover, the room is located next to the canteen, which is of course not totally unimportant.

And the customer office has already proven its worth on a recent job for a foreign customer.


Demanding tools required rapid response

The job involved manufacturing of technically demanding tools to be used for the injection moulding of an item in PA12 containing 50 per cent glass – which has put great demands on, among other things, flow simulation, as the item - due to the high content of glass - does not shrink as much along and across the fibres.

Because of the difficult raw material, the phasing-in and FAT tests of these kinds of tools in many cases takes a long time - as the items from the tool often need to be sent back and forth between Hjerno and customer multiple times, before the tool is finally approved.

"However, with 13 tools it would have meant many shipments back and forth, and this is why we thought it made sense to invite the customer to visit us so that we could get an immediate response," explains Hjerno’s managing director Aage Agergaard.

A success story

The foreign customer ended up spending almost two weeks in Odense, while the tools were sample-moulded, phased-in, tested and adjusted

Even though the project is covered by an NDA, the customer could during the entire two weeks work in peace in the customer office without risking that the item would be seen by other visitors to the house. And at the same time he could ensure a rapid response to the tool by being able to carry out tests and approvals on the spot.

"This meant that we could do phase-in and approval of all 13 tools in less than two weeks. That is really fast," says Aage Agergaard, who calls the concentrated phase-in period a great success story.

"The result was a happy and satisfied customer. And it is a great example of what we would like to use our customer office for in future."