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Hjerno is moving towards the autonomous production

Hjerno is breaking new ground in our efforts to reduce lead times by 30 per cent.

We are doing this by launching a new digital order flow system that is currently under development. A system, which should reduce the need for manual production monitoring.

"We have come really far in developing a digital system that to a great extent is autonomous and makes us less person-dependent in relations to holidays, illness and so on,” explains managing director Aage Agergaard.

A well-functioning beta version is already up and running, he adds.

All parts are time recorded
It may sound simple, but the system will be a very comprehensive one, which for every single tool part will find and display the most efficient route through production.

Until now, Hjerno’s production planning has been based on planning boards and manual follow-up. This has been working nicely but the system has started to lag and will not be able to keep up with Hjernos’s rather vigorous growth, explains Aage Agergaard.

"Therefore, we need an order flow system, which down to the very component level is able to monitor the individual parts’ way through the factory with time indications and routes through the various departments."

The system’s starting point will be the parts lists generated for each new order. Based on these parts lists, the system must then generate the most optimal route through the production for each component.

"And then there will be time indications for every single component to ensure the most efficient throughput possible. It must ensure that all tool components are assigned to a predetermined route, so that components do not get stuck in a department or take a wrong route that will slow down the lead time," says Aage Agergaard.

Less person-dependent
In the end, the system should make Hjerno’s production less person-dependent. At the same time, it should ensure that employees, team leaders and others in the organisation always maintain an overview.

"We are breaking down our hierarchy so that our ability to deliver quality tools in even shorter time does not get too person-dependent. If an employee is on vacation or maybe deeply immersed in a project, it will not become an obstacle. Similarly all knowledge is rooted in the order flow system."