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24/7 machining

At Hjerno the machines do not stop just because our employees go home.

Most of our processing machines are already autonomous. And most recently we have managed to develop a method that makes it possible for the milling machines to run more optimally during the night – resulting in better cutting operations and faster delivery times.

"We have brought home new, efficient cutting tools, which are especially well suited for night operations and function according to the 'side cut' principle. The principle has actually been known for many years but by also challenging our supplier of CAM software, this kind of machining has become very efficient," explains managing director Aage Agergaard and elaborates:

"In the past, it has been a challenge for our milling machines to run unattended at night, among other things because they drown in shavings. But with the new tools and CAM software this is no longer an issue – not even with large shavings," explains Aage Agergaard.

Chasing all optimisations
The optimisation of the machining processes is part of Hjerno’s major project of reducing lead times by 30 per cent.

"We are chasing all optimisations these days – and all nooks and corners are being explored. The goal of 30 per cent shorter lead times is a relatively ambitious one, so new routines in production do not do it alone. We are looking for optimisations everywhere," emphasises Aage Agergaard.