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Exciting project led to new tool design

From time to time a client order may lead to exciting new tool designs. A recent project for a foreign customer is a good example of this.

The project involved some extremely complicated 2K tools, as the moulding item contains 50 percent glass. That put great demands on flow simulations as the sample - due to the high content of glass - does not shrink equally along and across the fibres.

Furthermore, the many variations of the item required a high degree of tool flexibility. That is why we ended up developing a brand new tool design with a highly flexible ejection system that saves up to three hours per model shift.

To switch the ejection, one would usually have to take the tool out of the mould, take it apart, remove the ejection plate, put in a new ejection plate and assemble it all again.

"But we have managed to develop a design where parts of the ejector follow the cavities, which saves a considerable amount of time in connection with model shifts. The customer produces many models, so this is a tremendous optimisation of the tool shifts," says managing director Aage Agergaard.

Customer office secured quick phasing-in
He adds that Hjerno’s new customer office played a significant role during the project. Rather than sending a total of 13 tools back and forth overseas to the customer for approval, the customer ended up spending two weeks in Odense while the tools were sample-moulded, phased-in, tested and adjusted. Along the way, he was joined by his customer, for whom the sample was manufactured.

"This meant that all 13 tools could be phased-in and approved in less than two weeks. That is really fast," says Aage Agergaard.

Due to the successful project and a great demand for the final item, our customer has recently placed an order for a number of new inserts for the tool.

"So, it has been a great success," says Aage Agergaard.