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Denmark can easily compete with Eastern Europe

By using state-of-the-art production equipment and skilled employees, Danish companies can easily compete with Eastern Europe and other cheap-labour countries.

Hjerno is a very good example of that. At our factory we produce more and more technically demanding tools for not only Danish customers, who insource their tool manufacturing to Denmark, but also to customers in Eastern Europe, who have developed an appetite for Danish quality tools.

"We produce tools to factories in for example Slovakia," says managing director Aage Agergaard, who for several years has been shipping tools to the other Nordic countries and Germany.

Customers prefer production-ready tools
But now, among other countries, tools are also sent to Eastern Europe. Aage Agergaard estimates that out of Hjerno’s turnover, 30-35 percent go to export, which is an increase compared to previous years.

"We have great success in offering production-ready tools that have been tested here at the factory and that are ready for the customer's production without further phasing-in. We see that many foreign customers appreciate that," he explains.

Altogether Aage Agergaard experiences that Hjerno increasingly specialises in technically demanding tools – and oftenin large quantities.

"We are now of a size that enables us to offer the manufacture of large tool series with long lifetime, which can run 24/7 in a production. This is important to many of our customers, including the foreign ones," he concludes.