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New turning lathe ensures full flexibility

Yet another new machine has moved into our production workshop.

In this case, it is a Haas turning lathe that allows us to perform additional machining of the y-axis.

For example, this opens up for cross-milling and other types of machining of the sample from the outside, which is not possible on our existing lathes.

"In addition to giving us new possibilities of y-axis machining, it is important for us to have all processes and competences in-house. Our extremely high level of precision is hard to buy from a subcontractor," says managing director Aage Agergaard

Difficult payback time
The investment has been a long time coming but it is harder to get a reasonable payback time from a lathe than, for example, from advanced milling or spark machining equipment that can run unattended with high quantities, explains Aage Agergaard.

"Lathes cannot run 24/7 like milling or electrical discharging machining equipment, and the tasks are often of shorter duration and with fewer quantities. And then the ROI-equation changes," he points out.

That is why the choice ultimately fell on a machine from Haas, who made a good offer. The machine has already arrived to Odense and will become yet another component in our efforts to further reduce production lead times.

"It means that we are always in complete control of the capacity. We do therefore also tend to invest in additional manufacturing equipment in the departments where the payback times are otherwise a little longer than usual," Aage Agergaard concludes.