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Hjerno’s collapsible cores have become a worldwide hit

Although Hjerno is among Scandinavia's oldest and largest tool factories, we are actually also equally known in the world for our collapsible cores as for our injection moulding tools.

Since we developed our own type of collapsible core 15 years ago, the demand for them has steadily increased, in particular abroad. Even to such an extent that our collapsible cores today are marketed in countries such as the United States, Spain, Italy, Mexico, and the Czech Republic via a number of foreign distributors.

"Every year, we send several hundred collapsible cores out into the world. We have a constant number of orders for them and have ended up being specialists in the field," says managing director Aage Agergaard.

Production-ready collapsible cores
Over the years, Hjerno’s skilled technicians have continuously refined the product to be extremely precise long-life collapsible cores with efficient and highly durable surface treatment as well as built-in cooling.

As something quite unique, Hjerno manufactures finished collapsible cores with individual sample geometry that can be inserted directly in the respective tool.

Aage Agergaard points out that Hjerno of course also manufactures many complete tools with built-in collapsible cores. But around the world there are many customers, who primarily associate the name Hjerno Tool Factory with collapsible cores.

"Fortunately we have been able to transfer the knowledge, which we have built up in this area, to other tasks involving various types of tool parts that operate against each other with utmost precision. And this means that it has ended up being a really interesting and rewarding business area for us," concludes Aage Agergaard.