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Endless possibilities in the Danish market

Occasionally we are asked why we do not export even more than we already do. The answer is that it is because we continue to see a huge potential in the Danish market.

"First of all, we would like to stay being a Danish company with production in Denmark. And the more we grow, the more we find out that there are endless possibilities in this country due to Denmark's large plastics industry. Therefore it suits us really well to base the majority of our business on sales to Danish customers," says managing director Aage Agergaard.

As it is today, exports amount to approximately 30 per cent of Hjerno’s turnover. Which, according to Aage Agergaard, is an appropriate number.

Close cooperation with customers
He elaborates that the proximity to the Danish customers is tremendously important, especially when you - as Hjerno - see yourself as a service company with one of the market’s best and most comprehensive service packages in the field of tool making.

"The right price is, of course, still a very important parameter. But it needs to be the right solution and the best possible tool at the best possible price – based on the total economy in the customer's project" says Aage Agergaard and continues:

"This means asking ourselves and the client critical questions and often participating in designing the sample that our tools will manufacture — simply to manufacture an item that can also be produced at an affordable price. This kind of advice and dialogue contributes to the fact that our price and solution is the right one - however, this is easier with Danish customers".

Simply makes sense
Hjerno provides tools for a wide range of Danish customers. This concerns both the companies that manufacture their own plastic products, including some of Danish industry's largest companies, as well as plastic subcontractors.

"It is through these customers that we reach our export targets. Our tools simply go with the customers out into the world," says Aage Agergaard.

Thanks to the comprehensive service package, a large production and a wide range of in-house competencies – including designers, constructors, plastic people and other specialists – Hjerno is according to Aage Agergaard able to offer the total package, which is exactly what the major companies demand from their subcontractors.

"They are experts in their field, and we are experts in our field, and that usually creates the basis for a really good cooperation. Therefore we primarily base our growth strategy on the domestic market. It simply makes perfect sense."