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Workshops - a shortcut to optimised tools

We often claim that we are not just tool makers but rather consultants.

Therefore we offer informal workshops at the beginning of a project where we can enter into a dialogue with the customer about the scope of the task. Such a workshop may have a duration of a few hours to several days.

"We typically arrange two kinds of workshops. It may either be with a customer looking for a specific sample but who maybe does not know much about tool manufacturing and plastic moulding, or it may be with experienced plastic moulders, who wish to manufacture a sample that is on the edge of what is possible," says managing director Aage Agergaard.

"In both cases such a workshop is worthwhile for both parties. The benefits from the workshop help the customer move quickly from A to B and get clarification of his idea. At the same time we become wiser on how we can produce a tool or at times a larger series of tools that can produce the samples in an optimal way and exactly meets the customer’s requirements."

Non-binding procedure
The workshop may take place either at Hjerno’s factory or at the customer's location. As a starting point, relevant specialists from Hjerno and the customer's designer and engineer participate - but this is always adapted to the individual project.

Aage Agergaard emphasises that the workshop is completely non-binding for the customer.

"There is of course a risk that the customer may go to another tool supplier with the knowledge they have from the workshop but this is a risk we are willing to take. Because usually we see that it makes sense that the order is subsequently placed with us. But there is no pressure".