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Assembly line programming

In order to optimise the production flow and to make even better use of our machines, we are introducing new routines in our way of programming our CNC machines.

Where the individual machine operators have until now primarily been in charge of programming for their own machines, a separate programming department will henceforth be responsible for preparing the pre-programming for all machines.

"It's about constantly challenging the way we do things in order to ensure that our work routines suit the size that our factory has now. In this way, we can for example make better use of the afternoons for short or urgent tasks and still have time to prepare for the unmanned evening and night operation of the machines," explains managing director Aage Agergaard.

Higher degree of standardisation
Initially the programming department consists of three employees, who in future will be programming full time.

"This kind of pre-programming is something we want to work more with in the future. It is a way of rethinking and standardising our production so that we are sure that all programming is done in the same way," says Aage Agergaard.

The new structure should similarly make it easier to implement new programming software and other new IT tools in the production. Hjerno has recently bought a new CAD/CAM milling programme that can execute milling tasks faster and extend the life of the cutting tools by several hundred percent.

"It would be hard to roll-out such a programme to all machine operators in one go. But when we have the programming department, they can take in such tools faster and get them rolled-out," explains Aage Agergaard.

In connection with the running-in of the new milling programme our Chinese supplier's CAD/CAM specialist has, as usual, spent a week in Odense in order to get the system up and running.

In the picture you see from the left Sam Liu, Kristian J. Hansen, Per Krøyer og Palle Søgård.