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Growing for the sake of our customers

Why is it really so important for Hjerno to grow as a business? Sometimes we are asked that question and the answer is quite simple. It is neither an expression of an inflated growth ideal or simply growing pains.

"We want to provide our services to the big customers on the market. And big customers need powerful suppliers who can offer a wide range of services, consult with the customer, guarantee a high security of delivery and deliver innovative solutions," says managing director Aage Agergaard and explains further:

"Those customers expect us to have full control over everything from part design and flow simulation over project management to the safe production of high quality tools and tests. And they expect to place more responsibility on our shoulders and place bigger tool orders at the same company, so they do not have to approach several different suppliers."

"All of that can not be fulfilled by a small operation. It would be the equivalent of a courier service with only one car. "

Towards 100 employees
Hjerno currently employs around 60 employees and the company is, in Aage Agergaard's word, firmly placed at the top of the Danish tool market.

The ambition is to grow to 75 employees over the coming years - and eventually grow to a staff of over 100.

"It’s possible because that's what the customers want. But at the same time it has also become easier to get tool makers. Quite simply, many feel that it's more fun to work at a large company with good and organized employment conditions, "says Aage Agergaard.

The profits stay in the company
He emphasizes that Hjerno itself has the means to finance the journey towards the 100 employees. Everything is run in accordance with budgets and the company has had an AAA rating for several years as well as money for a rainy day.

"We make good money, but we let the money stay in the company in order to finance our future growth and competitive power. You see, every time we get a new machine, we all become like big boys again - completely psyched about this new wonder, "says Aage Agergaard and adds with a smile:

“That's how corporate profits should to be used if we want to keep feeling that this is the best job in the world.”