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Hjerno complements the management with a Tool Shop Manager

Hjerno strengthens the management level under the managing director with the promotion of team leader Kristian Jessen Hansen to Tool Shop Manager.

Kristian is trained as a tool maker and joined the company three years ago after a number of years as self-employed. He soon proved to be such a valuable acquisition to Hjerno that in future he will be responsible for part of the day to day tool production.

As Tool Shop Manager Kristian will be in the same management level as Hjerno’s Technical Manager and Production Manager.

"We have grown so much in recent years as an organisation that it was impossible for our Production Manager to be in touch with every detail of the production. That is why we have divided the production into two areas, e.g. in future it will be the Production Manager's responsibility to monitor the individual orders from start to finish," explains managing director Aage Agergaard.

New structure and new responsibilities
As part of the reshuffle it will thus to a greater extent be Production Manager Martin Riedel's responsibility to have a complete overview of all orders from start to finish, but without being present on the factory floor.

"Martin will from now on have a hand in all orders to ensure that all customer agreements are observed so that all expectations from the customers side are met. This means that our customers increasingly will meet Martin in connection with a project," explains Aage Agergaard about Martin Riedel, who - as part of Hjerno’s internal course offers to employees - has recently completed an international MBA in management.

In the bigger picture the introduction of a Tool Shop Manager is at the same time an exercise in an easy and efficient division of responsibility areas and thus an easier introduction of new managers in the organisation.

"Now we have implemented a division of the production and introduced a new structure, which means that in future we can easily add extra managers as needed," says Aage Agergaard and elaborates:

"Internally this organisational change must result in a thorough and efficient overview of the production. For our customers the benefits will be yet another boost of our already extremely high quality, increased efficiency and, not least, continued competitive market prices.

Kristian Jessen Hansen joined in the new position on 1/1 2019.

In the picture you see Tool Shop Manager Kristian Jessen Hansen (left) alongside Production Manager Martin Riedel.