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Hjerno continues its investments

Hjerno continues to invest. In week 3, a new five-axial CNC mill arrived, and within a month’s time a new triaxial CNC machine will arrive at the factory.

Both machines are part of Hjerno's declared strategy of investing a nice share of the company’s profits in new technology that can make our products even more competitive.

"This means that it is really good that we still have room to dispose of at our factory," states Aage Agergaard.

Fast payback time
The times, when a processing machine could last for 25 years, are over. The same are the times when as a company could merely look five years into the future.

New technology and new market trends are constantly changing the rules of the game in the tool market, and therefore Aage Agergaard prefers to invest in efficient production equipment with a relatively short lifespan.

"We must not lock firmly onto investments, where the payback time is too far into the future. It is important to invest in machines that can break even in just a few years so that we retain the possibility to make adjustments to the market, the technology development and so on."

Both machines will primarily be used for shortening the metal cutting and machining time on larger tool parts in order to cut down delivery time and production costs.