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New milling strategy on large parts ensures more efficient machining

At Hjerno we are constantly trying to reduce lead times and thereby offer our customers as competitive prices as possible.

One of the most recent initiatives is the implementation of a new kind of milling strategy in our CAM software. The name of the software is VoluMill, and it shaves off 70-80 percent on part of the machining time on larger parts.

"We are operating with higher speed but use a different strategy compared to the milling machine's movements, which provides a more efficient high-speed milling. At the same time, it also reduces the load on the machining centre," explains Managing Director Aage Agergaard.

Fuel cells strengthened the focus on milling strategies
The VoluMill software license is part of Hjerno’s increasing focus on optimising the milling strategies in our processing machines. A task that was intensified last year in connection with Hjerno’s involvement in a number of technically demanding fuel cell projects.

By using our own specialists, we developed even brand-new milling strategies for fine-machining of these very demanding parts.

"Milling strategies have gradually become a focal point here. It is not enough just to buy large or efficient machines – one must also look at the milling strategy in order to run the operation as efficiently and accurately as possible," finishes Aage Agergaard.