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Project management tool handles all the small details

There are many unknown factors at stake, when a new tool is to be tested at the customer's location and then adjusted. And often, it is a process that involves additional workflows and a series of last-minute adjustments to the tool.

In order to avoid unnecessary delays, and in general to ensure the smoothest possible process for all parties, Hjerno has implemented a new project management tool in the form of a programme where deadlines and responsibilities both at Hjerno and at the customer are scheduled in advance – this is done to take care of all the small details that otherwise might show up at the last minute.

Taking all into account
"It is basically an attempt to take all into account in connection with a tool project," explains Managing Director Aage Agergaard, and elaborates:

"If we know the progress at the customer, and he knows ours, we can much more easily help each other to get the tool ready for production."

Well received by the customers
The programme can be individually adapted to each project, but in the end it may be characterised as due diligence to prevent unnecessary delays later in the process.

And according to Aage Agergaard this initiative has already been well received by the customers.