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Hjerno invests in new laser marking machine

The investment in a new laser marking machine should give Hjerno even better possibilities for easy and gentle laser marking of spare parts.

It is, among other things, the plan that the increased capacity should allow each tool component to be fitted with a number to facilitate the assembly and the ordering of spare parts at the customer.

"Since each component is marked, the customer will more easily be able to assemble the tool according to the tool's manual, because the customer will never be in any doubt as to which component he has in hand. At the same time, laser marking also makes it easier to order spare parts from us," explains Aage Agergaard, Managing Director of Hjerno Tool Factory.

More gentle process
He adds that laser marking gives a nicer surface finish and is more gentle than conventional engraving.

"In addition to being a more gentle process, it is also easier to mark on round surfaces and other surfaces that are a little harder to reach."

The machine has already arrived at Hjerno's factory and has been taken into use in the production.

"The investment falls under the scope of the "service department", as in practice this is not something the customer has to pay for. A long time ago we realised that toolmaking and a wide range of services go hand in hand and have become just as important as producing good tools," Aage Agergaard concludes.