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Hjerno expands the polishing department – and trains the employees

Rather than buying its polishing services externally from a subcontractor, Hjerno Tool Factory has for years had its own polishing department.

The department has so far consisted of one permanent polishing specialist with ad hoc assistance from the company's other tool makers. However, Hjerno is now increasing the manning in the polishing department with two permanent employees more, so that the total staffing reaches three full-time employees.

"Our polishing department has not been created to make profits. It was launched to ensure optimum quality of our tools while providing sparring to the other departments of the house. We believe so much in the value of having these competencies in-house that we now strengthen the department by recruiting two additional full-time employees," explains Aage Agergaard, Managing Director of Hjerno Tool Factory.

Come with relevant background
As something rather special, Hjerno will itself train the two employees, who come with a relevant background but without experience from the toolmaking industry.

"Polishing work is a specialty in the field of toolmaking, and it is difficult to retain tool makers in this discipline. That is why we have chosen to train two specialists ourselves," explains Aage Agergaard, who has cooperated with the job centre of Odense Municipality in the recruitment process.

Mentoring and start-up period
In order to properly equip the two employees for the job, they will during the first month join Hjerno’s assembly department, where a specially attached mentor will introduce them to tool making. Subsequently, the employees will spend a month's time on being introduced to the other departments and specialties of Hjerno.

"It is our expectation that after six months the employee should be able to start making his own polishings. And hopefully in a few years’ time, he has become a very good polishing specialist."

Experienced colleague is looking forward to teach
Hjerno’s long-time polishing specialist has been working in this field for more than 25 years and, according to Aage Agergaard, looks forward to teaching the new colleagues.

"He is looking forward to passing on all his experiences, which will certainly benefit our new colleagues."

The first of the two new employees has already had his first working day.