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Full throttle over the summer: Biggest summer readiness in our production ever

True to form, the summertime is not equal to vacation time at Hjerno. To be able to continue servicing both Danish and foreign customers over the summer, we operate with the highest staffing ever during the summer vacation weeks.

"We have long since recognised that we are more than just a tool factory. We are in the service trade and therefore it is no use shutting down the factory for three weeks in July," explains Aage Agergaard, Managing Director at Hjerno Tool Factory.

Staffing in all technical departments
In practice, this means that in the weeks 28 to 33 there is a minimum staffing of between 28 and 57 employees. At the same time, all technical departments in the house will at all times be manned.

"We use this huge readiness for several things. We keep the production going, so that we also make money over the summer. We shorten the lead time on orders in progress. And we can service tools on lines that may not have to run so much during the industrial holiday, and therefore it makes sense to service them," explains Aage Agergaard.

Great willingness from the employees
He acknowledges that it is a major jigsaw puzzle to put together the holiday planning. But thanks to the great willingness from the employees, it has been possible to put together a plan that meets the vast majority of holiday wishes.

"Fortunately, our employees have shown great flexibility and willingness to make it all come together. At the same time, there is also a tendency for people to plan for their holidays at different times than just the three weeks of industrial holidays," concludes Aage Agergaard.