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Skilled apprentices strengthen Hjerno’s mix of employees

At Hjerno, it is important to ensure a healthy and sustainable food chain of young talents for our industry. That is why we constantly in our production have a certain number of apprentices, who we train ourselves.

One of them is 35-year-old Stefan Olsen, who recently at SDE College finished his training as an industrial technician with a nice grade 12 in the books after five years of apprenticeship at Hjerno.

"I have been around in every department in the production, which has been really cool. I have been allowed to challenge the way things are done and I have been allowed to try out some things. So I take the best of both the tool maker field and the industry technician field with me," says Stefan Olsen.

The right mix of people and machines
According to Aage Agergaard, Managing Director at Hjerno, it is important that the company continuously manages to train both tool makers and specialists in other fields – for example, industrial technicians such as Stefan Olsen.

"We need to ensure that our customers get the best possible technical solution at the best price. And in the long term it is not always the cheapest tool that is the best technical solution. Our combination of people and machines helps ensure that we can produce technically complicated tools at the right time and at the right price," Aage Agergaard explains.

"And here the industrial technicians are a very good supplement to our tool makers," he elaborates.

"Where a tool maker is very skilled at manufacturing and analysing the function of individual components and parts, industrial technicians like Stefan are very skilled at mass production issues and at producing the components with the best possible economy and as efficiently as possible. Being a large tool factory we need that mix."

Apprentices should be the best in the house
Stefan Olsen will, of course, continue as an industrial technician at Hjerno.

"Our goal with all our apprentices is always that they should be the most skilled people in the house when they have finished their apprenticeship. Anything else would be crazy. And Stefan is already one of the brightest," Aage Agergaard states.

As is customary with Hjerno's in-house apprentices, Stefan Olsen starts on full pay. At the same time his seniority from his apprenticeship will be transferred.

Hjerno always seeks skilled apprentices. If you want to know more, please contact technical manager Per Rasmussen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / +45 63 160 434 Read more about Hjernø as a workplace here.