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New cleaning technology protects against rust

Thanks to modern technology and high precision, we can today provide our tools with a surface and a finish that was not possible in the past.

But this also increases the requirement for better rust protection, as even the smallest microrust on surfaces with small tolerances may be critical.

Therefore, Hjerno has invested in a new chemical liquid purification technology and coupled a special unit to each of our four electrical discharging machines, providing much more durable surfaces than hitherto.

"It is a technology that chemically cleanses the fluid in which the samples are located during the electro-discharging. Microrust on the surfaces can be virtually invisible, but may eventually lead to the steel being more susceptible to rust, for example at a standstill in the injection moulding machine," explains Managing Director Aage Agergaard.

Important problem to stamp out
It is a new technology which, among other things, continuously adjusts the pH value of the liquid, which otherwise changes during the electro-discharging process.

"So it is great that we have gotten rid of this problem," states Aage Agergaard.