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Mentors take care of the new colleagues

Starting at a new workplace can be overwhelming. There are new routines to be learned, new colleagues to get to know and lots of impressions to digest.

Hjerno therefore works with a mentoring scheme for new employees, where an experienced colleague in the department in question introduces the new employee to everyday life at Hjerno.

Routines are difficult to squeeze into a manual
This may range from how to log into the computer in the morning, to which milling strategy makes the most sense to use for a current job.

“Before a new employee becomes autonomous, he needs to be introduced to really many processes and routines that are close to impossible to get down in a manual. Here, the mentoring scheme has proved to be an amazingly powerful tool, because the new employees are introduced to the routines in the house - and routines are otherwise by nature difficult to describe,” explains Aage Agergaard, Managing Director.

A scheme worth gold
The onboarding period with an assigned mentor lasts for about three months and is used, among other things, for giving the new colleague an understanding of the entire organisation and the quite extensive production flow, in which he or she is included.

At the same time, the period is also used to establish whether the employee professionally is the right person in the right place.

“It has several times turned out that an employee's strengths are different from the basis on which we hired him. And then we try to reposition the person in question for the benefit of both us and the employee,” says Aage Agergaard.

"So also in this way, the onboarding scheme is worth gold for both parties, as we establish what the employee can and will do here in the future."