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Performance bonus has become a permanent supplement on the payslip

At Hjerno, we think it is important that our talented employees are rewarded for their work effort. Therefore, every employee in the production gets a fixed bonus for so-called 'maximum effort'.

Some time ago, the supplement was introduced as a standalone bonus after a particularly busy period but it has now become a permanent part of the payslip.

"It is the house joke that if you no longer get the supplement, you are on your way out the door," says Managing Director Aage Agergaard with a smile.

“But it is important to me that employees feel that they are rewarded for going to work and being really good at their jobs. Because they are among the most talented in the industry,” he adds.

Professionalism ensures well-being
According to Aage Agergaard, this is a nice supplement of a size that can be seen on the payslip.

On the other hand, Hjerno's employees are expected to be efficient, talented and committed while at work. Because it is precisely through the efforts of the employees that Hjerno as an organisation is able to constantly raise the professional bar - and live up to our mantra of producing tools at the right price in the best possible quality and at the agreed time.

"Our employee surveys do also show that the employees are indeed thriving in an environment where the professional level is high and where they are given exciting tasks," Aage Agergaard emphasises.