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At Hjerno, surface treatment is not an add-on service

Over the years, Hjerno Tool Factory has specialised in technically demanding and core hardened tools of very high quality.

Therefore, surface treatment of tools is not an extra service - but usually a completely natural part of the manufacturing process, for which the customer does not pay extra.

“We carry out surface treatment on a lot of tools, and it is not something that is added to the price or that the customer needs to ask for. We consider the process as a complete standard service and a prerequisite for delivering to our customers,” says Managing Director Aage Agergaard.

Lubrication-free tools
Hjerno has gradually built up a deep knowledge of surface treatment and today uses a special surface treatment technology that increases both hardness and durability against wear on the various tool components and at the same time makes the tool component more rust resistant.

“In our industry we distinguish between hard and extra hard surfaces. And the latter is often needed to produce tools that are close to being lubrication-free,” explains Aage Agergaard.

He elaborates that the surface treatment - like other types of finishes on the finished tool - is a natural part of Hjerno's warranty scheme, where Hjerno takes full responsibility for the tool design.

Grown out of the collapsible core business
The surface treatment competencies have grown out of Hjerno's collapsible core business, where we manufacture collapsible cores for customers throughout most of the world.

“These components are often subject to great wear so for several years we have successfully applied surface treatment. This is the knowledge that we now draw on in our tool production,” concludes Aage Agergaard.