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Aage Agergaard nominated for Owner of the year Funen 2019

Hjerno's managing director, Aage Agergaard, has been nominated for the Owner of the Year Funen 2019 award.

This year's Owner of the Year award goes to an owner-manager who, with diligence and great motivation, manages to create success stories that may inspire other companies. More than 9,000 companies have been analysed by PwC to find the nominees, and Hjerno's managing director, Aage Agergaard, is among them.

Apprentices and long-term unemployed people were the way forward 
Among other things, Aage Agergaard was nominated on the basis of Hjerno's success in bringing long-term unemployed people and apprentices into the company and subsequently getting them into permanent employment. 

The purpose and value parameters are in focus in connection with the selection of the Owner of the year 2019, and therefore there is emphasis on the companies' reputation, competitiveness and ability to attract and retain labour.

Seven regional winners fight for the big award
The Owner of the year Funen 2019 is chosen by, among others, Nykredit Erhvervsbank and PwC, and the prize will be awarded on 29 October at the Nature Energy Park. The winner will advance to the national competition on 14 November, where one of the 7 regional winners will be named Owner of the year.