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At Hjerno, everything is included in the price

21 services.

That is the number of "extra" services you get for free when you buy tools from Hjerno. This means that as a customer you do not need to budget for extra invoices and other unforeseen expenditures.

“We have listened to the market and we have crammed all our services into our 21-point service package. It is free of charge, and it is our guarantee that we as a tool factory will handle all problems associated with manufacturing and commissioning new tools,” says Managing Director Aage Agergaard.

Own injection moulding machines for FAT tests
Hjerno's service package includes optional sample optimisation, flow simulation of the entire sample with up to 12 different analyses, advanced super-cooling, surface treatment of all necessary tool parts, FOT test, possible post-adjustment of sample tolerances and a final FAT test at Hjerno's own factory, where we have our own injection moulding machines and plastic specialists for sample moulds.

Finally, the production-ready tool is delivered to the customer together with a complete manual, service book and the process parameters used from the final FAT test - and in the case of a complicated tool, an assembler from Hjerno may be present at the first running-in at the customer.

“All these initiatives are also done for our own sake to avoid tool failures. But most of all, to ensure an optimised production process and to shorten the time from the first FOT test of the tool and until delivering the production-ready tool to the customer,” says Aage Agergaard.

Always with a two-year warranty
In addition, as part of the service package, Hjerno always grants a two-year warranty on the finished tool, which is 12 months more than stipulated by the regulations.

“For us as a supplier, it just means much less turmoil and fewer adjustments, because everything is taken care of from the start. And we can feel that our customers appreciate that no extra bills are generated,” concludes Aage Agergaard.