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Hjerno has trained yet another tool designer

We are really pleased with our skilled apprentices and see it as our duty to help ensure a healthy supply chain of skilled tool makers and designers. That is why we train new apprentices every year.

The latest employee with a certificate of completed apprenticeship is Kasper Wissing Sørensen, who can now call himself a newly trained tool technician - also known as a tool designer - after an intense one-year apprenticeship.

“Kasper is a truly dedicated and talented employee, who along the way has let spare time be spare time in his efforts to become as proficient as possible. We are pleased that Kasper has chosen to continue at Hjerno where in the future he will become part of our engineering department,” says Managing Director Aage Agergaard.

Was challenged from day one
21-year-old Kasper Wissing Sørensen is a trained tool maker from Skive College and has subsequently chosen to supplement his training with a tool technician education. In this connection he applied for an apprenticeship at Hjerno Tool Factory, which he knew well in advance.

Kasper Wissing Sørensen spent 15 weeks at the school in Skive, while the rest of the time he has soaked up knowledge from Hjerno's skilled tool designers.

“I was challenged from day one and have had plenty to do, which was also one of the purposes of such a short course as this. When I graduated, I knew I had to learn the craft from scratch, and I got that opportunity at Hjerno,” says the newly minted designer, who finished his apprenticeship with drawing a quite advanced tool.

Low unemployment and good salary
For Aage Agergaard, Kasper Wissing Sørensen's certificate of completed apprenticeship is yet another example of the fact that the jobs as tool maker and tool designer are nice shortcuts to a good career with good job opportunities.

“Kasper is only 21 years old, and yet he already has a skilled education and a supplementary secondary education. Moreover in an industry without unemployment and with quite high salaries,” says Aage Agergaard.