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Price warranty on all tools

When you buy tools from Hjerno, you can rest assured that there will be no extra costs for adjustments or modifications of the finished tool.

When producing a mould, we ensure that an agreement is in place with the customer regarding the quality requirements the finished tool must meet. It could be anything from critical measurements to mould runout and the cycle time on suctions.

“From the beginning, the customer needs to know the total cost of the project in every detail. So when we calculate an offer, the price must be guaranteed – while of course still meeting the requirements that the customer has made from the start of the process. If the customer says that this and that are parameters that are important to them, then we will make sure that we live up to that - even if at times the requirements can seem completely "impossible". And then we deal with the risk from there on,” says Managing Director Aage Agergaard.

Specialists take everything into account

He emphasizes that this willingness to take risks does not mean a higher price for the customer. Hjerno's many highly skilled specialists - including the plastic specialists who work in the company’s very own test centre - guarantee that everything, from design and construction to the actual manufacturing of the finished mould and its properties, is taken into account.

“We have such great belief in ourselves and our expert knowledge that we believe we can reach the finish line within the budget we decided on from the beginning. At the same time, this makes our time-to-market more accurate as you would not need to set aside a lot of time for follow-up adjustments and check-ups at the end of the process. We have taken that into account right from the start,” explains Aage Agergaard.

He adds that Hjerno's professional expertise extends far beyond traditional "sample maturation", as such processes were previously called.

“What we offer is much more in the field of “mould optimization”. This also means that we actually assist the customer in the optimization of the entire project - rather than just the individual mould.”

The importance of staying within the budget

He believes that times have changed since the days when, as a customer, you just went for the cheapest offer without taking the total cost of the project into account.

“The customer usually gets a budget approved which they then have to stay within. If that specific budget is overrun, the budget of the entire project runs the risk of being overrun, and this is why it’s so crucial that customers can freeze a price from suppliers like us right from the start,” concludes Aage Agergaard.