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New development project for large Danish customer

Hjerno Tool Factory is a house with many professional specialties and a deep technical insight into both tool making and plastic production.

We are happy to make this knowledge available to our customers on specific projects - and preferably at the earliest stage of the process as possible.

"By working closely with the customer's design and development department, we can help optimise the product with a focus on both finances, properties and the function in which the sample is to be incorporated. We can do this because, when we participate from the very the beginning, we have much more opportunity to support with the know-how of our specialists," explains Production Manager Kristian Jessen Hansen.

Involved in developing a brand new product

Most recently, Hjerno has been asked by a large Danish company to contribute to the development of a brand new product line. Here, Hjerno will be part of the customer's development team, and we will provide a team to participate in, among other things, workshops with the customer's specialists.

Specifically, Hjerno's experts will, for example, help advise on both development and the entire production process - including the function of the product and the interaction between advanced electronics and other parts included in the product, tools and production of samples, the interaction of the samples in peripheral equipment, and assembly and installation with other parts, etc.

"So we are not just talking rim thicknesses, roundings, drafts and simple sample maturation. We are much more deeply involved in the project. We are giving advice on large parts of the entire project, of course with continued focus on the plastic sample that the tools are to produce - and how it can be produced in the best possible way," says Kristian Jessen Hansen, adding:

"Of course, this requires that we as a development partner have the necessary capacity and specialist knowledge in the form of experts in product design, flow analysis, construction, production and the further process. And fortunately we have that."

More than just sample maturation

Normally it is customary in these kinds of development projects that the customer buys access to Hjerno's advice at a fixed hourly rate. If Hjerno is subsequently also asked to produce the tool parts, the advice may also be agreed to be included in the total price.

The new Danish development project is so far planned to continue during the coming months.