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New Quality Project Manager

At Hjerno, our mantra is to provide production-ready tools on time.

In our efforts to further strengthen our quality and delivery reliability, sample designer and engineer Kenneth Nielsen has been promoted to Quality Project Manager. In the future, he will be responsible of getting new tools quality-assured after they have been tested and moulded for the first time in Hjerno's own test centre - and subsequently he will communicate with both customers and production about any adjustments or changes.

At the same time, Kenneth Nielsen will also be responsible for quality assurance of the tools that Hjerno has received for repair and optimisation.

"We would like to take our customers by the hand and guide them through the manufacturing process. We as a supplier bear the cost and the guarantee that our tools are delivered production-ready to the customer, and therefore it is important for us to anchor the responsibility for quality assurance with selected employees," explains Managing Director Aage Agergaard.

Important with fresh eyes on the tool

The quality assurance of the individual tools has until now been anchored at the engineer, who designed the tool.

In the future, however, this responsibility will be transferred to another employee - in this case Kenneth Nielsen - who can then delegate the task to different specialists in the house. Also in order to look at the tool and the preparation of it in a different light.

"Since I have not been involved in the sample from the start, I will typically not be so entrenched in my mindset and such," says Kenneth Nielsen.

Quality assurance and documentation are anchored at one person

As a technical designer, he is also able to change the entire base from which the tool is manufactured - and not just the design itself. At the same time, it is his role to update the tool's 3D file and other material so that it is kept up-to-date for any later repairs.

"We think it will also provide an increased level of security for the customer that we anchor all systematisation and documentation at one person," says Aage Agergaard.