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Hjerno participates in project under The Danish Industry Foundation

In the wake of the corona crisis, The Danish Industry Foundation has set aside DKK 150 million to strengthen Danish companies and reboot Danish industry. Both from a short as well as a long-term perspective.

Hjerno has agreed to be part of this initiative, which is why we, together with the consulting firm Valcon, in recent months have tried to identify how we can strengthen Hjerno's competitiveness.

“We are still not done with the project, but it looks promising, and we are really shedding light on some areas with potential for improvement,” says Kris Agergaard, Business Strategy Specialist and Hjerno's co-ordinator on the project.

Three focus areas

In collaboration with Valcon's consultants and a number of other Hjerno employees, he has identified three areas for optimization: Reduction of lead time, increased competence in the service area and increased focus on more standardized constructions in the tool department, which at the same time will pave the way for a higher degree of freedom with regard to construction. 

The preliminary results show great promise and as a result the project will now be carried out as an outright development project at Hjerno - with Valcon's consultants on the sidelines. 

“When you have a consultancy firm working on the project, you are ensured progress. Our workday is busy, and of course, our time and resources are limited within our ordinary schedule,” says Kris Agergaard.

Unusual profile

As a Master in Strategy and Organization, it is Kris Agergaard's role to rise above the day-to-day operation and instead focus on how Hjerno can meets its growth targets in an overall perspective. Among other things, through the optimization areas that the genstartNU project (restartNOW) has identified.

“Having a Business Strategy Specialist in the house is a somewhat unusual profile for a tool factory. But we have realized the necessity of having an employee who can see the bigger picture and function as a link between the daily operations and our long-term strategic goals,” says Aage Agergaard.