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The algorithms are moving into Hjerno's production

To reduce lead times and to get a better overview of production, over the last years Hjerno has developed its very own OrderFlow system, which is customized to fit our specific needs.

So far, the system has been a huge advantage for us, and that is why we are now launching version 2.0 - an expanded version of the system with a highly advanced algorithm that provides intelligent capacity management. This means that the system is constantly planning the progress of all orders in production.

“As time goes on, our challenge as a large tool factory is the fact that we have between 8,000 and 10,000 tool pieces in production, and no person in the world can maintain the full overview of that,” explains Business Strategy Specialist Kris Agergaard.

“That is why we have developed an algorithm that is built into our order system and which in the future will handle the progress in production. It ensures that the proper adjustments are made on a daily basis if shifts or changes occur in the production flow."

100% transparency

In short, intelligent capacity management will ensure higher efficiency, a reduction of lead times and even better management of resources and deliveries.

At the same time, with version 2.0, Hjerno has come a big step closer to providing our customers with the opportunity to gain access to the OrderFlow system and keep up to date with the progress of their orders. This means 100 percent transparency.

“For a long time, this has been a great wish, both from our customers and from ourselves. Of course, careful safety measures will ensure that as a customer you can only access your own orders,” says Kris Agergaard.

Not far from perfect execution

The OrderFlow system has been further developed and fine-tuned during the corona lockdown this spring, which meant that the supplier's developer has been preparing the system from home via a VPN access and a server.

"Actually, we were not expecting the algorithm to be fully operational until October, but at this moment, we are only a few percent from the point where the intelligent capacity management is working perfectly," says Kris Agergaard enthusiastically.

Better underlying database

In the future, individual modules can be added to the OrderFlow system one at a time. Among other things, the next step is to integrate the system with the finance department's system. Another benefit is a much better underlying database for optimization in production due to the fact that far more data can be extracted from the system than before.

“Many companies have burnt their fingers when developing their own IT systems rather than buying an off-the-shelf product. But we have been forced to take this step as there is simply no system on the market that can be fully customized to fit our organization. And the result has simply turned out great,” concludes Kris Agergaard.