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Apprenticeship boom

At Hjerno, we want to do all we can to ensure a healthy and sustainable ‘food chain’ of young talents for the tool industry.

Therefore, we are very pleased to have experienced nothing less than a boom in the number of apprenticeship applications this spring. In fact, we have received so many high-quality applications that we are now increasing the number of toolmaker and industrial technician apprenticeships from 6 to 8.

“I see it as a sign that we have been able to successfully market Hjerno for several years as a great place for your apprenticeship. In the past, it has been really difficult to get apprentices, so it is really positive that this appears to be changing,” says Head of Production Kristian Jessen Hansen.

Two new apprentices in August

He has even noticed that several of the applicants have applied to Hjerno Tool Factory before they were even admitted to the industrial technician or toolmaker educations.

"Simply because they have heard about us and think Hjerno is an exciting company."

So far, two apprentices are starting in August, including an adult apprentice. According to Kris Agergaard, apprenticeship manager, they enter an industry with a high level of job security and great prospects for the future.

“It's our goal to educate the country's most talented employees, and we find that many applicants are enthused by this. And once you have secured your journeyman’s certificate as a toolmaker or an industrial technician, you can continue your studies to become, for example, an engineer,” says Kris Agergaard.

Supporting the DI apprenticeship campaign

As mentioned, for many years Hjerno Tool Factory has put great efforts into making the toolmaking profession attractive to younger generations. Among other things, by inviting elementary school classes and technical schools to visit the company and try out the profession.

Hjerno would now like to share these experiences within the framework of Dansk Industri (The Confederation of Danish Industry), where Managing Director Aage Agergaard has joined the DI Tool Industry's steering committee as a board member. A steering committee whose purpose it is to look into initiatives that can attract new talents to the industry.

“It is still very difficult to find toolmakers, and as a large tool factory I also think we have to contribute with what we can,” says Managing DirectorAage Agergaard.

For the same reason, Hjerno has donated an amount to DI's upcoming apprenticeship campaign.